How to distinguish true and false irradiated wires


Epidermal burning method

There should be no obvious depressions in the insulation layer with an electric iron. If there is a large depression, the material or process used in the insulation layer is defective. Or use a lighter to grill, under normal circumstances should be not easy to ignite, the insulation of the cable is still relatively complete after a long time of burning, no smoke and irritating odor, while the diameter has increased. If it is easy to ignite, it can be determined that the insulation of the cable is not using a low-smoke, halogen-free material (most likely polyethylene or cross-linked polyethylene). If there is a large amount of smoke, the insulation layer is made of halogen-containing material. If the insulating surface is severely detached after a long period of burning and the diameter is not significantly increased, it indicates that the appropriate irradiation crosslinking process has not been performed.

                          Left: Fortes wire                              Right: ordinary wire


The experimental operation is as follows:

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