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"Quality, service, innovation" has always been the focus of the German Fortes cable. We not only value our customers' lives, but also connect our customers with the future, anticipate the challenges they will face, and integrate them with advanced solutions so that we can be there in the first place when customers need it.

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Fortes products from the inspection of raw materials into the factory to the finished product process Need to pass more than 10 tests, never let the unqualified products flow into the next process, so as to ensure that our products meet the national quality standards, meet the European standard certification standards, and strive to meet the needs of the domestic market with the differentiated advantages of high-quality products.

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Engaged in the home improvement building materials industry, there are business teams that develop and install enterprise resources, there are distribution channels, and there are no less than 500 square meters of storage area.

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German brand, strict price system control, no agency fees and deposits, free products at headquarters Knowledge training, the headquarters sent a team to help serve the local market, presented a large current generator, free sample promotional materials.

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