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For true electrical safety! In addition to obtaining the ISO9001 quality management system and China CCC quality certification, FORTES brand has also passed the rigorous testing and certification of German TUV, EU CE, Swiss SGS (ROHS) and other famous international and domestic authorities. In 2021, the company's enterprise standard Q/FORTES 003-2021 "PVC insulated cloth wires and cables with rated voltage of 450/750V and below" was awarded the "leader" certificate of 2021 national enterprise standard reviewed by the China Institute of Standardization and the China Association for Standardization. After years of cold and heat, FORTES has successively developed flame retardant, low-smoke halogen-free (moisture-proof), irradiation cross-linked and other household electrical wires, as well as RV, RVV, high-flexible drag chain cable, and high-voltage wire in cars, and has developed into a new type of high-tech enterprise with multiple sets of automatic production equipment, complete detection methods, and annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan.

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Committed to providing safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly wire and cable products and services to the society

Special raw materials, high quality

Using imported resin, original rubber particles and T1 non-oxidized pure copper, we have produced high-quality flame-retardant wires.

Professional production technology, Long service life

German craftsmanship and formula, ultra low eccentricity, safe and secure.

European standard certification, security has "home"

The products meet the latest environmental standards of the EU and are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Product differentiation, service is guaranteed

Patented packaging design, high-end atmospheric advanced production equipment, high-quality R & D team and experienced sales and after-sales service team.

Five highlights of the product

With advanced production testing equipment, professional technical level, and strict control of raw materials purchase and production technology, Fortes flame-retardant wire has passed strict inspection. Safety, environmental protection, durability, energy saving is the eternal quality pursuit of Fortes flame retardant environmental protection wire.

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High-tech cutting-edge inspection and identification tools will be introduced to our technical testing center.!




【德国福特斯】官方发布了行业重磅消息! 德国福特斯电线与欧派家居集团达成2023年度战略合作联盟! 2022年11月19日,欧派家居集团与德国福特斯电线达成2023年度战略合作联盟,由深圳欧派大……

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定义:环保低烟无卤电线是指绝缘层不含卤素(F/CI/Br/I/At)和铅,镉,铬,汞等重金属,被灼烧时不会产生卤化氢,一氧化碳等有毒物质的环保型电线,特别适用于家装和安全等级高的公共场所。 ……




为什么选择低烟无卤电线呢 低烟无卤电线是指不含卤元素(F、Cl、Br、I、At)、不含铅镉铬汞等环境物质的胶料制成,在燃烧时不会散发有毒烟雾等有害气体的环保型电线产品。属于高度安全……

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Interpretation of Fortes Fords'Representative Symbols

•PVC insulation: ZA-BVR environmentally friendly flame retardant •At present, the home is widely ……



Interpretation of Fortes Fords'Representative Symbols

•PVC insulation: ZA-BVR environmentally friendly flame retardant •At present, the home is widely ……

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