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WireCableProducts have a close relationship with the lives of consumers. Its quality and safety directly affect the safety of people and property of consumers. Therefore, it is very important to purchase wires and cables correctly. Wire Mall reminds everyone that identification is the key when purchasing wire and cable. The identification method is as follows:

1. Check the “CCC” certification mark wire and cable products are national compulsory safety certification products. All production enterprises must obtain the “CCC” certification certified by the China Electrotechnical Products Certification Committee, and have the “CCC” certification mark on the certificate or product.

2. Look at the inspection report wire and cable as a product that affects the safety of people and property. It has been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection, and regular manufacturers are inspected by the supervision department on a periodic basis. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the inspection report of the quality inspection department. Otherwise, the quality of the wire and cable products will be lack of basis.

3. Look at the packaging of any formal enterprise that produces products that meet the national standards. The wire and cable produced are very important for product packaging. When purchasing, pay attention to the beautiful packaging, the printing should be clear, the model specifications, the factory name and the factory site are complete.

4. Look at the appearance of the product is smooth and round, and the color is even. Wire and cable enterprises that meet the requirements of national standards, in order to improve product quality, to ensure that products meet the requirements of national standards, in the raw material purchase, production equipment, production processes and other aspects of strict control. Therefore, the appearance of the produced wire and cable products meets the standard requirements, smooth and round, and uniform in color. The fake and shoddy products have a rough and dull appearance. For the rubber insulated flexible cable, the appearance is required to be round, and the sheath, the insulation, and the conductor are not easily peeled off. The fake and shoddy products have a rough appearance, a large ovality, and a low insulation strength of the sheath, which can be torn by hand.

5. Look at the conductor conductor is shiny, DC resistance, conductor structure size, etc. meet the requirements of national standards. Wire and cable products that meet the requirements of national standards, whether it is aluminum conductor or copper conductor, are bright and oil-free. Therefore, the DC resistance of the conductor is in full compliance with national standards, with good electrical conductivity and high safety.

6. The length of wire and cable is the main intuitive method to meet the requirements of national standards and counterfeit and shoddy products. When buying, don't be tempted to buy cheap wires and cables with actual meters below their nominal meters. The length must match the nominal number of meters. The state stipulates an allowable error of +-0.5 meters per 100 meters.

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