What is the role of the ground wire?


  The residential lines for residential electricity are generally three (except for three-phase villas). These three lines are a fire line, a zero line, a ground line, a fire line and a zero line to enter the household. The electric box is connected to the upper port of the main switch of the indoor distribution box. After the ground line is connected to the household, it is also connected to the indoor distribution box. The ground line is connected to the ground row in the indoor distribution box.

  The circuit arrangement inside the home starts from the distribution box in the house, and then the wires are arranged to the respective power positions, for example, to the lamps, to the sockets, and the electricity is from each circuit in the indoor distribution box. The switch is led out, and each circuit is separately arranged with a ground wire. The ground wire is connected from the ground in the indoor distribution box, and then connected to each position that needs electricity, such as the socket and On the lamp holder; through the above wiring method, we realize the complete connection of the grounding system. When an electric appliance in the home leaks, the leakage current will pass through the ground wire (because the grounding resistance requirement is not more than 4Ω, and the human body resistance is about It is about 1600 Ω), and the leakage current does not flow through the human body, thus avoiding the possible damage to the human body caused by leakage current. At this time, if a leakage protection switch is installed in the home, the leakage protection switch will also turn off the circuit protection.


  The function of the grounding wire is to avoid the damage to the human body when the electric leakage occurs in the home; the electric power on the metal casing may be led to the earth to prevent people from touching the electric shock. If there is a leakage current in the equipment when there is no grounding wire, if a person encounters a charged body, an electric shock may occur. The household electric grounding wire protects the personal safety and prevents the personal electric shock caused by the leakage of the household appliances.

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