Interpretation of Fortes Fords'Representative Symbols


•   PVC insulation: ZA-BVR environmentally friendly flame retardant

•   At present, the home is widely used for BV and BVR (single, 7 and 19). The main difference is that BVR is a multi-copper core. BV is a single copper core.

•   BV------The letter V stands for PVC polyvinyl chloride, which is a plastic insulation layer.

•   R ------ The letter R stands for soft meaning. To be soft, increase the number of conductors and reduce the diameter of each line.   
•   BV ------General purpose single core hard conductor unsheathed cable,
•   BVR------Polyvinyl chloride insulated multi-strand copper core flexible wire. (For example: the conductor count of 2.5m2 is 19)

•   RV--------  Specially thin conductors are stranded.

•   PE insulation: WDZ-BYJ(F) Irradiation low-smoke halogen-free, NH-BVR fire-resistant wire

•   WD------ Halogen-free low smoke flame retardant wire and cable

•   Z ---------Flame retardant wire and cable

•   BYJ ----- Cross-linked polyethylene wire and cable

•   N -------- Fire resistant wire and cable

•   F --------  Irradiated wire and cable

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