What are the root causes of quality problems of wires and cables


According to incomplete statistics, there are 7,000 or even tens of thousands of wire and cable enterprises in China, and there are more than 5,500 wire and cable companies that have obtained CCC compulsory certification; There are more than 2,000 wire and cable enterprises, of which about 80 are large enterprises with an annual output value of more than 800 million yuan. This means that in the wire and cable industry circle in China, SMEs occupy nearly 97 %. Due to the large gap between technical quality, production capacity and production scale, these small and medium-sized enterprises are risky and counterfeit in the fierce and even harsh market competition environment. Geji products, even with low prices to invite users to play, cable quality and price in the hands, and finally the entire wire and cable industry circle. To help the wire and cable industry The quality of this game of chess, to find out the root cause of cable quality problems, and from the enterprise, market and administrative supervision from three perspectives. The enterprise is the responsible subject of product quality. It is the direct person in charge of product quality. Wire and cable products are not qualified, a large part of the factors should be attributed to the company's own self-discipline.

1. Some companies have a weak sense of producer responsibility

Because the entry barriers for the cable industry are very low, many small workshops, one or two pieces of equipment, some scrap copper, waste plastics, and several workers have also carried out the so-called production. Watch outside There is no difference between a normal cable and a normal cable. In order to maximize the benefits, some small businesses can be described as omnipotent. Processing wire cores with used cables Produce the cable sheath with poor conductor material and raw materials mixed with reclaimed rubber... The tricks are endless.

2. The quality of raw materials purchased is not tight

Some enterprises lack the means and awareness of raw material purchase inspection, resulting in unqualified raw materials entering the factory, or the company does not regularly check the suppliers to provide different batches of raw materials, even In order to reduce production costs, deliberate use of inferior raw materials directly leads to unqualified quality of wire and cable products.

3. Process control is not strict

A large part of the wire and cable products are not qualified because the company does not systematically understand and standardize the process of cable production, and the flow between processes has not been tested. guide The phenomenon that the average thickness of the insulation or the thinnest point is unqualified, the average thickness of the sheath does not meet the standard requirements, and the eccentricity occurs sometimes occurs.

4. In-house management is not in place

Enterprises do not pay attention to product standards, quality control awareness is weak, do not pay attention to the entry inspection of raw materials, sampling inspection in the production process, to the factory inspection of finished cables, resulting in no Qualified products flow directly to the market. Individual enterprises simplify the production process, cut corners, and directly lead to the key requirements of conductor DC resistance, insulation heat extension and other standards.

5. Technical aspects are not in place

Technology is an extremely important part of wire and cable manufacturing and is the key to whether companies can stay at the forefront of the industry. For domestic large cable companies, they have Strong capital and broad network of contacts. In the cable manufacturing process manufacturing, they can adopt a multinational cooperation method, absorb foreign advanced cable manufacturing technology, and attract a large number of cables. The talents of the technology are adding color, but for some small and medium-sized enterprises that have just entered the bank or have limited capital and capital, they are beyond reach. Maybe they also want to work hard to make quality, If you develop and grow your business, you will have more than enough strength. The lack of technology has also led to the development of their business.

6. Product installation is not in place

This is a point that many people will ignore. But this problem is really there. Some people think that putting the cable in the designated location, the installation is complete, but In fact, it is not that simple. For example, the entire cable trench should be equipped with a continuous grounding device. The specifications of the grounding wire should meet the specifications. Metal bracket, cable metal The jacket and armor layer (except for insulation requirements) shall be connected to the grounding device. Product installation should be performed in accordance with specific practices.

7. First-line technical workers are missing

Workers' skills are not too much to worry about the quality of wire and cable. The first-line workers on the production line are the mainstay of manufacturing, and they are familiar with the use of cable equipment. The precise use and grasp of raw materials and raw materials are directly related to the quality of products, which is one of the factors that cannot be ignored.

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