Class B Flame Retardant Environmental Protection Wire

1. Fire retardant wire is the highest level, safer and more environmentally friendly
2. TUV, CE, SGS certification, superior quality performance
3. High-purity oxygen-free pure copper + PVC flame retardant material, leading technology and exquisite workmanship
4. More than 15 times more escape time than non-flame-retardant wires
5. Exquisite carton packaging, user-friendly design, easy construction

(High-end flame-retardant household wires)

Class B flame retardant

Environmentally friendly materials
High temperature resistance
Not easy to burn

Reliable product quality

Ford's Class B flame-retardant wire has a good ability to suppress flame spread, thereby reducing the chance of fire expansion. And the weight of the same specification products is heavier than most brands on the market. Ford's flame-retardant wires are made of real materials to meet the needs of the government, enterprises and consumers.

Cost-effective product

Class B flame retardant wire: Compared to non-flame-retardant wires, Provides more than 15 times more escape time than non-flame-retardant wires; The burning material is only 1/2; the heat release rate is only 1/4; the gas emission is only 1/3;

Choose a safe and environmentally friendly brand to protect your family.

Product Specification(mm²) Length(m) Weight(kg) Copper purity(%) Current carrying value(A)
1.5 100 2.16 99.99 25
2.5 100 3.4 99.99 34
4.0 100 5.1 99.99 44
6.0 100 7.22 99.99 58

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