Low Smoke Halogen-Free Wire

1. Upgraded version of flame retardant wire, better fire and high temperature resistance
2. Contains no halogen, no harmful gas will be released when burned
3. Corrosion resistant, anti-aging, easy to wear, longer service life
4. Pass the European standard certification (CE, TUV, SGS) for better quality and higher security
5. China Life Insurance is underwritten, with more peace of mind and more secure service.
6. Exquisite carton packaging humanized design, easy construction management, enhance brand image

(High-end flame-retardant household wires)

Low-smoke halogen-free wire

Tensile strength is much larger than general PVC wire
Good weatherability
Good softness
Has good high pressure resistance
Has good elasticity
Not burning
Contains no harmful substances such as halogens and heavy metals. It does not produce toxic black smoke when burning. It only produces a small amount of white smoke.

Reliable product quality

Non-toxic polyolefin material, only a light white smoke when burning at high temperature, does not contain any toxic substances, thus reducing damage to the human body. Visible distance of 60 meters or more, is conducive to hair Timely escape and rescue in the event of a fire.

Cost-effective product

The low-smoke, halogen-free wire is made of rubber, which is free of halogen, lead, chromium, mercury and other environmentally harmful substances. It does not produce toxic fumes when burned. It is an advanced environmentally friendly cable that has become a home. The mainstream choice of the market. The modified products have long been widely used in subways, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, theaters, city squares and other places where the flame-retardant properties of wires are required.

Choose a safe and environmentally friendly brand to protect your family.

Product Specification(mm²) Length(m) Weight(kg) Copper purity(%)
1.5 100 2.16 99.99
2.5 100 3.4 99.99
4.0 100 5.1 99.99
6.0 100 7.22 99.99

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