HD digital TV line

1. Bare soft copper single wire or stranded conductor
2. Foamed polyethylene PE insulation
3. Shielding - (aluminum foil + aluminum-magnesium wire woven or aluminum foil + tinned copper wire woven)
4. PVC PVC sheath

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 HD digital TV line

 Double shielded woven mesh, stable signal and clear picture quality

 High quality and high density PVC skin, durable and durable

 Oxygen-free pure copper up to 99.99%, low resistance and high purity

 Physically foamed PE insulation layer, enhanced transmission signal, low attenuation and low loss

Product use range

Products are widely used in digital high-definition television systems, public antenna system backbone, packet cable, cable TV system for branch line and subscriber line and radio communication and electronic devices using similar technologies (such as: closed-circuit television, digital TV, set-top box, satellite TV reception) And other radio frequency signal transmission).

Cost-effective product

The wire meets the international RoHS environmental protection standards. The sheath and insulation layer are made of imported plastic materials, which have the advantages of wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and long service life. The wire is sprayed with a precision inkjet printer to ensure the length of the whole roll is accurate. After the electrical performance is fully tested, the quality of the product and the whole volume are not connected

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