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For true electrical safety! For true electrical safety!
From the birth of the first electric vehicle in 1834 to 2011, new energy vehicles in the international auto show singing the leading role, new energy vehicles have gone through a history of nearly 180 years. After nearly two centuries of tortuous development, new energy vehicles have been unprecedented breakthroughs in types, technologies and market share, and related supporting industries have also made great progress. In 2016, Shenzhen FORTES Cable Technology Co., Ltd. was established. In the same year, the industry standard of high voltage wire for new energy vehicles was promulgated. With a keen and forward-looking vision, the founder of FORTES locked the strategic goal in the field of electric vehicles, energy storage, photovoltaic and other new energy high-end cables.
In order to achieve the strategic goal, Fortis accumulated a lot, while focusing on the research of domestic and foreign advanced cable production technology and production standards, while saving energy for the coming great progress. In 2017, the company was authorized by Fortes Sin Line GmbH GMBH GMBH to produce and sell high-end home decoration wire business in China. In addition to the ISO9001 quality management system and China CCC quality certification, FORTES brand has also passed the German TUV, the European Union CE, Switzerland SGS (ROHS) and other famous international institutions and domestic authorities rigorous testing and certification. 2021 company enterprise standard Q/FORTES 003-2021 "Rated voltage 450/750V and below PVC insulated cloth wire and cable" obtained the China Institute of Standardization joint China Standardization Association review 2021 national enterprise standard "leader" certificate. For several years, FORTES has developed flame-retardant, low-smoke halogen-free (moisture-proof type), irradiation crosslinking and other home decoration wires, as well as RV, RVV, high flexible drag chain cable, automotive internal high voltage wire and other products, developed into a number of sets of automatic production equipment, perfect detection means, annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan of new science and technology enterprises.
FORTES always adheres to the product positioning of "safety, environmental protection, durability and energy saving", and the business philosophy of "quality, service, integrity and responsibility", and unswervingly commits itself to the research and development and production of high-end home decoration cables and new energy cables.

Home electricity safety preferred

"Quality, service, integrity, responsibility" is the business philosophy, and strive to create a brand new, trustworthy German high-end home improvement wire brand. We are based in Guangdong, the whole country, and the world. In three to five years, Ford's flame-retardant wires will appear in most cities in the country.

High quality differentiation advantage

Ford products need to pass more than ten tests from raw material inspection to finished product delivery, and never let unqualified products flow into the next process, so as to ensure that our products meet and exceed national quality standards and meet European standard certification standards. Strive to meet the needs of the domestic market with the differentiated advantages of high-quality products.

Safe electricity is so happy

"Quality, service, innovation" has always been the focus of the German Fortes cable. We not only value our customers' lives, but also connect our customers with the future, anticipate the challenges they will face, and integrate them with advanced solutions so that we can be there in the first place when customers need it.

Company Culture

Full participation, full process control. Grasp the future and achieve continuous customer satisfaction.

Corporate culture

Unity, collaboration, positive, enterprising, innovative, hard work, win-win, cooperation.

Corporate culture

Create value for customers, provide opportunities for employees, and take responsibility for society.

Quality policy

Survive by quality, develop by innovation; seek efficiency by management, and credibility by service.

Environmental policy

Full participation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, cleaner production, compliance with regulations, and continuous improvement.


The products have passed the testing of German TUV, EU CE, Swiss SGS, Guolian Quality Inspection and other testing institutions to
obtain quality and safety certification and underwriting by China Life Insurance Company.

Corporate Style

Ford is to improve the safety of national life; the same type of wire products have been introduced into the home improvement market,
and more and more people recognize it.

Good office environment and excellent team members
Good office environment and excellent team members
Every year, the company organizes tourism and other related benefits, and happiness is full!
Every year, the company organizes tourism and other related benefits, and happiness is full!
Every year, the company organizes tourism and other related benefits, and happiness is full!

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